Definition of TELUPAY Documentation

TELUPAY Documentation means the papers, manuals, charts, and other materials (whether in print or electronic form) that relate to the TELUPAY Mobile Banking Services that shall be provided by the SERVICE PROVIDER pursuant to this Agreement.
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Examples of TELUPAY Documentation in a sentence

Within the same period and without need of notice or demand, the CLIENT shall immediately return all copies of the TELUPAY System to SERVICE PROVIDER, including, without limitation, the TELUPAY Documentation and the TELUPAY Software, and/or destroy all such copies to the reasonable satisfaction of SERVICE PROVIDER; Provided, that SERVICE PROVIDER shall be allowed to monitor, supervise, and inspect the destruction of such copies.
As between SERVICE PROVIDER and CLIENT, any and all of the TELUPAY System, TELUPAY Mobile Banking Solution, TELUPAY Mobile Banking Services, TELUPAY Software, and the TELUPAY Documentation, including the SERVICE PROVIDER's business operations (collectively referred hereafter as "TELUPAY Confidential Information") are confidential and proprietary to SERVICE PROVIDER and/or its licensor, Telupay (M.E) FZE.