Definition of TELUPAY Confidential Information

  1. TELUPAY Confidential Information means any and all of the TELUPAY Services, TELUPAY Services Documentation, and the TELUPAY System that are confidential, proprietary and shall remain the property of TELUPAY. 1.7. "TELUPAY Services" shall mean services to be provided by TELUPAY in accordance with Section 2 hereof, which shall include Telco Agnostic Mobile Banking System ("MBS"), SMS Information Management System ("SIMS") and Eload services including all updates, patches or enhancements thereto, training, maintenance and support services and other deliverables and information supplied by or on behalf of TELUPAY.

Examples of TELUPAY Confidential Information in a sentence

  1. Additionally in the said situation, TELUPAY shall have the right to undertake any and all actions necessary to prevent any further unauthorized use of the TELUPAY Services and/or the TELUPAY System and/or the unauthorized disclosure of the TELUPAY Confidential Information.