Definition of TELUPAY Confidential Information

TELUPAY Confidential Information means any and all of the TELUPAY Services, TELUPAY Services Documentation, and the TELUPAY System that are confidential, proprietary and shall remain the property of TELUPAY. 1.7. "TELUPAY Services" shall mean services to be provided by TELUPAY in accordance with Section 2 hereof, which shall include Telco Agnostic Mobile Banking System ("MBS"), SMS Information Management System ("SIMS") and Eload services including all updates, patches or enhancements thereto, training, maintenance and support services and other deliverables and information supplied by or on behalf of TELUPAY.
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Examples of TELUPAY Confidential Information in a sentence

CLIENT shall maintain a security log of periodic tests of security and/or relocation/distribution (if applicable) of the TELUPAY Confidential Information and breaches of security at all secure locations.
Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, where MEGALINK itself or MEGALINK knowingly allows or causes other third parties or affiliates to use, study, implement or in any way infringe any part or all of the TELUPAY Services, the TELUPAY Confidential Information, the TELUPAY Services and/or TELUPAY System without the proper use, rights and/or license agreement and without the prior written consent of TELUPAY, MEGALINK shall be considered to have materially breached this Agreement.
Neither is CLIENT granted any license or rights or interest to develop, manufacture, sell, lease, dispose, implement, transact, or distribute all or part of the Services, the TELUPAY Confidential Information and/or the TELUPAY System nor to review and/or study the same with other parties not expressly authorized by this Agreement.
All Intellectual Property Rights in and to all or part of the TELUPAY Confidential Information and/or the TELUPAY System shall be and remain the property of SERVICE PROVIDER and/or its licensor/s, and the CLIENT shall have no rights or interest therein and all other technology, Services, or know-how that SERVICE PROVIDER owns and/or operates other than the rights granted to the CLIENT under this Agreement.
Subject to SERVICE PROVIDER's compliance with CLIENT's internal security procedures and applicable governmental rules and regulations, CLIENT shall cooperate with SERVICE PROVIDER and its employees and agents to allow the latter to effectively assess, evaluate, and review the integrity and security of TELUPAY Confidential Information and implement SERVICE PROVIDER's suggested measures to further protect TELUPAY Confidential Information.