Definition of Telmex

Telmex means Telefonos de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. and its Affiliates, including TelNor.

Examples of Telmex in a sentence

If the Port has been installed and accepted, Telmex will be charged for a new port installation.
If the service quality parameters are not achieved due to occurrence of an act of God or force majeure not attributable to Telmex, the penalties and notices described in this Exhibit shall not apply or be given, respectively.
Regardless of the Availability values that will be obtained from the measurements to be made, Telmex and Axtel agree that during the period August 1-October 30, 2001, the availability values for interconnection services shall be the values agreed by the industry.
The Parties hereby agree under a common action (passive joinder) in the case of a legal proceeding related to Telmex's Spin- off or any of the issues contemplated hereunder.
Telmex and Axtel are compromised to publish the established tariff rates of the STM1 services as soon as possible, the above compromising to offer the same price that's offered to the best of his clients.