Definition of Telewest Group

Telewest Group means the Ultimate Parent and its Subsidiaries from time to time. For information purposes only, the members of the Telewest Group as at the Original Execution Date and prior to the Merger taking place, are listed in Part 2 of Schedule 9 (Members of the Telewest Group).

Examples of Telewest Group in a sentence

The Company confirms that neither it nor any other member of the Telewest Group currently has any claims, based on the facts known to it after diligent investigation, against any holder of the Notes seeking a payment in respect of compensation or damages or the payment of any other amount.
Group Structure Chart is a complete and accurate representation of the structure of the NTL Group and the Telewest Group, in each case, in all material respects prior to the Merger Closing Date.
Such combination of historical statements will be carried out by the Company in good faith and having regard to publicly available financial information of the NTL Group, Telewest Group and/or the Baseball Group prior to the Merger or the Baseball Acquisition (as the case may be).
Restructuring: The Company and Telewest Jersey each undertake and shall cause the other companies in the Telewest Group to undertake, to take all acts reasonably necessary to effect the Financial Restructuring as promptly as possible.
For the avoidance of doubt, members of the Telewest Group which have granted guarantees and security in respect of the A Facility, the A1 Facility and the B1 Facility shall continue to be treated as Guarantors for the purposes of this 80% Security Test, notwithstanding any subsequent failure to satisfy the provisions of Sections 151 to 158 of the Act with respect to the granting of guarantees and security in respect of the B2 Facility, the B3 Facility and/or the B4 Facility.