Definition of Television Product

Television Product means each season of an episodic scripted series or mini-series produced for initial commercial exploitation by means of traditional linear broadcast television (whether delivered "over the air", by cable, satellite or internet transmission) or a subscription video-on-demand platform, whether recorded on film, videotape, cassette, cartridge, disc, digital recording device or on or by any other means, method, process or device whether now known or hereafter developed. The term "Television Product" shall include, without limitation, the applicable episodes or segments (in the case of a mini-series) and the scenario or script upon which such episodes or segments are based, all of the properties thereof, tangible and intangible, and whether now in existence or hereafter to be made or produced, and all rights therein and thereto, of every kind and character. For the avoidance of doubt, the term "Television Product" shall collectively refer to all episodes or segments of a single broadcast season of any television series or mini-series hereunder (and shall not refer to individual episodes or segments or to an entire series).
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Examples of Television Product in a sentence

Make any payment in respect of (a) overhead, internal fees or similar expenses to, or on behalf of, a Credit Party or any Affiliate thereof (other than the MS Overhead Fee and up to $250,000 in any twelve (12) month period for overhead costs of the Credit Parties); or (b) the development of any Picture or Television Product (other than to the extent included in the Direct Negative Costs of a Covered Product with respect to which the conditions in Section 4.2 have been satisfied).
Harvey shall have the right to directly license a first-run New Television Product to a Network, on a "primary license" basis (i.e., for a limited number of runs over a limited number of years within a single form of media within a distinct territory).
Notwithstanding the foregoing and for the avoidance of doubt, the Transfer obligations described in this Section 3.1 shall not apply to any Picture or Television Product initially developed or acquired by Parent so long as such Picture or Television Product was not at any time developed by the Master Servicer or its subsidiaries.