Definition of Television Motion Picture

Television Motion Picture means a Motion Picture produced hereunder based upon the Property initially exhibited on television, including without limitation: (a) a pilot, or an episode of a television series (episodic or anthology), it being understood that a "television series" includes the pilot therefor, regardless of length and regardless of whether there is any binding commitment for any ensuing series of episodes from such pilot; (b) a so-called single or movie-of-the-week ("MOW"); or (c) a so-called "Miniseries" consisting of a Television Motion Picture which is a serialization of the plot or story based upon the Property, and is intended for exhibition sequentially in two or more segments.
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Examples of Television Motion Picture in a sentence

Greenlight Authority means the personal authority required to cause Holding Company to undertake any of the following activities: (a) with respect to any Motion Picture, the financing and production of such Motion Picture, or (b) only with respect to Motion Pictures initially produced for Theatrical Exhibition, the acquisition of such Motion Picture, or (c) only with respect to Television Motion Pictures, the procurement of financing of such Television Motion Picture from a third party.
The Producer agrees to participate in the District Council's work training program by engaging on each Theatrical and Television Motion Picture a Guild Member who has qualified as a DGC Trainee.