Definition of Teleglobe Exclusive Services

Teleglobe Exclusive Services means IP Transit, International Private Line and international voice services (i.e. IDDD, ISDN, OH, Canada Direct and ITFS/UIFN) or any other telecommunications services for which a ROFR has been accepted pursuant to Section 5 hereof; (bb)
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Examples of Teleglobe Exclusive Services in a sentence

Notwithstanding the foregoing and for greater certainty Bell Canada, Nexxia, or any of their respective Affiliates, shall not be obligated to obtain telecommunications services for their respective Wholesale and Retail Customers having requirements outside of the Territory, other than for the Teleglobe Exclusive Services, from Teleglobe provided that they shall provide Teleglobe with a ROFR pursuant to Article 5 hereof in respect of such other telecommunications services.