Definition of Telecommunications/IS Business

Telecommunications/IS Business means the business of (i) transmitting, or providing services relating to the transmission of, voice, video or data through owned or leased transmission facilities, (ii) constructing, creating, developing or marketing communications networks, related network transmission equipment, software and other devices for use in a communications business, (iii) computer outsourcing, data center management, computer systems integration, reengineering of computer software for any purpose (including, without limitation, for the purposes of porting computer software from one operating environment or computer platform to another or to address issues commonly referred to as "Year 2000 issues") or (iv) evaluating, participating or pursuing any other activity or opportunity that is primarily related to those identified in (i), (ii) or (iii) above; provided, however, that the determination of what constitutes a Telecommunications/IS Business shall be made in good faith by the Board of Directors of Parent.