Definition of Tel Holdings

Tel Holdings means Tel Holdings Inc., a New Jersey corporation.
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Examples of Tel Holdings in a sentence

Neither ITI nor Tel Holdings engages in any business or otherwise conducts any activities.
Tel Holdings is headquartered at 2201 Cooperative Way in Herndon, Virginia 20171; (703) 709-6700.
Tel Holdings is wholly owned by the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation ("NRUCFC").
Tel Holding may request Axtel to assist in or sponsor, up to two times, the sale of Tel Holding's CPOs, by developing and issuing placement prospectus and participating in securities trading meetings, provided three years have run from the acquisition and payment of the CPOs by Tel Holding, and the offering is made on any stock exchange where Axtel's Shares of Stock and/or the securities that represent them, are traded.
Tel Holdings was formed for the purpose of holding the properties tendered to it from CoServ and its related companies in accord with the global settlement.