Definition of Tekno Products

Tekno Products means Teknos NetAnalzer and NetQuest products; the services associated with the sale, supply, maintenance, repair, and support thereof, and any other capabilities of Tekno associated therewith.

Examples of Tekno Products in a sentence

Tekno shall be responsible for the on time delivery, operational performance, product quality, and ongoing customer product support in respect to Tekno Products.
All revenue generated from the sale of Tekno Products shall be paid to Tekno.
Quoting and billing for Tekno Products and the collection of revenues will be the sole responsibility of Tekno.
Tekno shall be responsible for all costs associated with the maintenance and repair of Tekno Products.
It is anticipated that this Joint Sales and Marketing Agreement will result in the Tekno Products and the NECI Products being integrated and/or operated together to provide a more powerful Solution Set than either product can do in a standalone mode.