Definition of Tekmira Know-How

Tekmira Know-How means all Know-How, other than Protiva Know-How, Controlled by Tekmira as of the Effective Date and that, prior to the Effective Date, was (a) disclosed by Tekmira to Alnylam or (b) otherwise learned by Alnylam; provided, that Tekmira Know-How shall not include Know-How learned by Alnylam solely as a result of the litigation settled pursuant to the Settlement Agreement.
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Examples of Tekmira Know-How in a sentence

Notwithstanding the foregoing, for purposes of the definitions of Control, Controls, Controlled by, Tekmira Collaboration IP, Tekmira In-Licenses, Tekmira IOC Technology, Tekmira Know-How, Tekmira Patent Rights, Tekmira Technology and Joint Collaboration IP, Protiva shall not be deemed an Affiliate of Tekmira.