Definition of TEKMIRA Confidential Information

TEKMIRA Confidential Information means the TKEMIRA Protocol, Investigator Brochure, TEKMIRA IP, TEKMIRA Arising IP, stability study design, data and results, and any part or whole of the sum of all images, data, records, reports, charts, information and documentation in physical, electronic or other form which are comprised of and/or derived from Confidential Information, Intellectual Property and/or materials disclosed or provided by or on behalf of TEKMIRA.
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Examples of TEKMIRA Confidential Information in a sentence

OXFORD acknowledges and agrees that it does not acquire a license or any other right and that it shall notify each Consortium Collaborator in writing that they shall not acquire a license or any other right, to TEKMIRA Confidential Information except for the limited purpose of carrying out its rights and obligations under this Agreement and that such limited, non-exclusive, license will expire upon the completion of the Clinical Trial.