Definition of Tekmira

Tekmira means Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation, predecessor to Arbutus.

Tekmira means Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (f/k/a Inex Pharmaceuticals Corporation).

Examples of Tekmira in a sentence

Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties in writing, Tekmira will supply all equipment and machinery necessary to perform its obligations under the Collaboration (Equipment).
Tekmira will be responsible, at its own cost, for maintenance of such Equipment; provided, however, that Alnylam shall be responsible for: (i) ensuring all Equipment provided by Alnylam is in good working order at the time of delivery to Tekmira, and (ii) unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, performing equipment qualification and calibration prior to either Partys use of such Equipment at Tekmiras premises.
Until the expiration of the last Valid Claim of the Alnylam IOC Patent Rights, Alnylam may, upon written notice to Tekmira (an FTO Notice), elect to take from Tekmira, and Tekmira will grant to Alnylam, a worldwide, royalty-bearing, non-exclusive license (with no rights to sublicense) to the Tekmira IOC Technology to Research, Develop and Commercialize IOC Products (a Platform License).
Tekmira shall not be required to purchase spare parts for the Equipment.
Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Alnylam hereby grants Tekmira an exclusive, royalty-bearing license under Alnylams interest in the Alnylam IOC Technology, Alnylam Collaboration IP and Alnylams interest in Joint Collaboration IP to Research, Develop, Manufacture and Commercialize IOC Products in the Tekmira IOC Field in and for the United States.