Definition of TEI's Cost

TEI's Cost means the transfer price for any Product which shall be calculated at the point of distribution by TEI based on TEI's cost to acquire and/or ship the Product.
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Examples of TEI's Cost in a sentence

TEI will invoice EMI for the products and services described herein and provided hereunder, upon transfer of the products to EMI or completion of the engraving services for TEI's Cost (calculated as the cost of inventory acquired, engraving costs incurred, freight in and freight out, in addition to the office space rental and related services fee specified in paragraph 5 of this Agreement), and EMI shall pay such invoice by wire transfer on or before the fifteenth day after receipt of such invoice.
Upon the expiration or termination of this Agreement for any reason, TEI shall submit to EMI within ten (10) days a summary of the number and type of Products on order or held in stock by TEI for EMI based on EMIS sales forecasts, including EMI Unique Inventory and TEI Products, and EMI shall purchase all EMI Unique Product inventory from TEI at TEI's Cost, plus shipping and insurance at EMIS expense, within ten (10) days following receipt of such notice.