Definition of Teijin Invention

Teijin Invention means any invention or discovery that relates to a Licensed Product and that is conceived, made, or generated during the Term in the performance of activities undertaken pursuant to this Agreement by employees, agents, or independent contractors of Teijin or its Affiliates, or any non-Affiliate Sublicensees of Teijin, but only to the extent assigned or licensed to Teijin by such Sublicensee (with the right to sublicense without payment to any such Sublicensee) (including any enhancement or modification of a Licensed Product's use, dosage form, or formulation). Teijin has no obligation to obtain from any non-Affiliate Sublicensee an assignment or license of any inventions made or conceived solely by Sublicensees (other than its Affiliates).
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Examples of Teijin Invention in a sentence

If Teijin determines in its sole discretion to abandon or not maintain any such Patent within the Teijin Patents anywhere in the world claiming a Teijin Invention, then Teijin shall provide Versartis with written notice of such determination within a period of time reasonably necessary to allow Versartis to determine its interest in such Teijin Patent(s).