Definition of Tegal France

Tegal France means Tegal France, SAS, a French societe par actions simplifiee with a share capital of EU1,176,556, with registered office located at 4, avenue du pre de Challes - 74940 Annecy le Vieux, France, registered with the Commercial Registry under number 511 899 544 R.C.S. Annecy and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seller.

Examples of Tegal France in a sentence

To the Knowledge of Seller, Tegal France has maintained substantially complete and accurate books and records of all its material company proceedings consistent with applicable Law.
Neither Seller nor Tegal France has any material Liability under any applicable Law related to the employment of any Business Employees.
Neither Seller nor Tegal France has materially breached any of the Contracts governing the Third-Party Intellectual Property, and, to the Knowledge of Seller, no other party to those Contracts has breached those Contracts.
French Subsidiary Shares are held of record by, and owned for the exclusive and sole benefit of, Seller, free and clear of any Encumbrance and no shareholders' agreement or agreement in favor of a third party binds the Seller or Tegal France with any preemptive right, right of first refusal, prohibition to sell, promise to sell or other similar right under applicable Law.
Seller has heretofore delivered to Purchaser complete and correct copies of the bylaws (statuts) or equivalent organizational documents of Tegal France, as presently in effect.