Definition of Tecumseh

Tecumseh means the Tecumseh (formerly the Tina Litrico), a self-propelled steel cargo vessel bearing Canadian Certificate of Registry Official Number 836045.
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Examples of Tecumseh in a sentence

Rossiter ("Rossiter") is and has been at all relevant times as a director of Tecumseh since 2014.
Notwithstanding the entry of a Final Approval Order, the Settling Defendants, other than Tecumseh, agree that for purposes of discovery only they may be treated as if they were still a party defendant in the Actions, which discovery shall be governed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
Developed Resolution to approve application of Tecumseh Products Company for the Tax Abatement.
Detailed Parent employee benefit plan disclosures are available in Tecumseh Products Company's 10-K filed March 15, 2006.
Since the removal in 2007 of Todd and Kent Herrick from Tecumseh management, the Herricks, through the Herrick Foundation, have sought on several occasions to regain control of the Board.