Definition of Technology Transfer Phase

Technology Transfer Phase means: the period during which the Technology Transfer Activities to be provided by SYNCO in accordance with this Agreement will be carried out and which period ends upon the date that SYNCO provides ADVAXIS with the a Technology Transfer Report.
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Examples of Technology Transfer Phase in a sentence

After the Technology Transfer Phase Completion, the Prior Development Phase shall commence.
No later than [***] after the Technology Transfer Phase Completion, Sanofi shall submit to Ardelyx a plan (the Pre-Clinical Development Plan) for the discovery, research and pre-clinical development of Program Compounds, which plan may be amended from time to time by Sanofi at its sole discretion and shall have a stated goal of Filing an IND for one or more Program Compounds.
The Development and Technology Transfer Phase shall be performed at the DPC Facilities as described in Schedules B and D.
During such Development and Technology Transfer Phase, DPC will assist NovaCardia in obtaining approval for commercial manufacturing for the API in DPC's Facilities in order to facilitate the commercial supply of API by DPC, in the event the parties enter into a Commercial Manufacturing Agreement as described in Article 6.
Partnering with the Medical Automation Research Center at the University of Virginia's School of Medicine, GCS was awarded a Small Business Technology Transfer Phase I grant from the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health.