Definition of Technology Transfer Letter

Technology Transfer Letter means the letter dated October 4, 2004 from ZGEN to NN (with attachments) which lists the information and tangible biological materials, reagents, assays and other items to be transferred to NN by ZGEN.

Examples of Technology Transfer Letter in a sentence

The terms by which Lilly will make such Licensed Technology available to Anthera are set forth in the Technology Transfer Letter Agreement.
This Agreement and the Technology Transfer Letter Agreement constitute the entire, final, and complete agreement and understanding between the Parties, and replaces and supersedes all prior discussions and agreements between them with respect to the subject matter hereof including, without limitation, the Letter of Intent.
In accordance with the terms of the Technology Transfer Letter Agreement, Lilly shall (a) transfer to Anthera, at Antheras expense and on an as is basis, substantially all inventories of Compounds and Licensed Products in Lillys possession or control for Antheras use in connection with development of Compounds and Licensed Products, and (b) transfer to Anthera or Antheras designated Third Party contract manufacturer all Licensed Technology relating to the manufacture of Compounds and Licensed Products.
Each of Lilly and Anthera shall have the right to terminate this Agreement for default due to Lillys or Antheras uncured failure to comply in any material respect with the terms and conditions of the Technology Transfer Letter Agreement.
The Technology Transfer Letter sets forth the documents, files and materials that constitute Licensed Know-How that ZGEN expects to transfer to NN, which transfer shall be completed by the Technology Transfer Date for each item; provided, however, that ZGEN shall not be responsible for delays in transfer that are out of its control.