Definition of Technology Transfer Document

Technology Transfer Document means the document describing the various aspects of technology transfer, more particularly described in Annex 2;
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Examples of Technology Transfer Document in a sentence

The parties shall work jointly and in good faith to complete the Feasibility Document and Plant Certification Protocol, outlines of which are attached hereto at Exhibit A, in accordance with the Technology Transfer Documents that were emailed by []* of Cubist to []* of Hospira on August 9, 2007 (the Feasibility Document, Plant Certification Protocol and Technology Transfer Document, each a Document and collectively the Documents).
SURMODICS will provide up to two days of training in the use of SURMODICS coating procedures covered in the Technology Transfer Document.
For each proposed Project, JOL will submit to Cadista a Technology Transfer Document (each a "TTD") containing data with respect to such proposed Project.
Such initial disclosure of Know-how shall include the preparation and delivery to INNERCOOL of a Technology Transfer Document which shall contain information relating to the procedures and techniques used by SURMODICS to coat such Licensed Product.
The parties shall use the Feasibility Document to determine if there are any major obstacles to Hospira validating the Liscate, Italy site (Liscate) as a manufacturing site for the []* and D500 Products in accordance with the Technology Transfer Document and as further set forth in Section 3.b. and on Exhibit B (the Liscate Validation Program).