Definition of Technology Transfer Completion

Technology Transfer Completion means the completion of the Technology Transfer which shall be deemed to occur [***] following successful processing of [***] Product.

Examples of Technology Transfer Completion in a sentence

With respect to any Aduro Know-How or materials not already transferred pursuant to Section 5.1 above prior to the first meeting of the JSC, the JSC shall develop procedures and make such plan (a Technology Transfer Completion Plan) as the JSC deems necessary.
Argos shall use Commercially Reasonable Efforts to transfer to Green Cross, or to arrange to have transferred to Green Cross by a Third Party, the Argos Technology set forth on Schedule E, which transfer will commence as soon as practicable after the Effective Date but not later than [**] days after the date of written request by Green Cross for the Technology Transfer, and such that the Technology Transfer is completed no later than the Technology Transfer Completion Target Date.
In the event of a dispute relating to whether certain Milestones have been met or whether the Technology Transfer has been completed in accordance with the Technology Transfer Completion Criteria, the Chief Executive Officer of Protiva and the Vice President of Chemistry of Monsanto shall use commercially reasonable efforts for a period of 20 days (or such longer period as they may mutually agree) to resolve any such dispute.
Monsanto, Protiva and the Company shall use reasonable best efforts to (x) pursue the achievement of the Technology Transfer Completion Criteria, and (y) comply with all of its obligations under this Agreement and the other Transaction Agreements.
The parties acknowledge and agree that the parties will use reasonable commercial efforts to complete the Technology Transfer by the target technology transfer completion date, which the parties agree shall be [***] from the Effective Date (the Target Technology Transfer Completion Date).