Definition of Technology Sale Customer

Technology Sale Customer means an MTSO or Medical Practice (each, a Partner Workflow System User) to which Client licenses the Partner Workflow System with the Licensed Technology as integrated or incorporated therein or therewith for the purpose of enabling such Partner Workflow System User to manage such Partner Workflow System Users transcription of dictation recordings and production of textual medical reports. The term Technology Sale Customer also may include third parties other than MTSOs, physician practices, clinics, hospitals or similar entities, provided that M*Modal expressly agrees in writing (with such writing specifically referencing this Paragraph 1(v)) that such third party may constitute a Technology Sale Customer under this Agreement, which agreement may not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed by M*Modal. For purposes of clarification, a Technology Sale Customer that is also functioning as an MTSO Services Customer shall be a Combined Client Customer, and shall not be deemed either a Technology Sale Customer or an MTSO Services Customer.
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