Definition of Technology Patent

Technology Patent means (i) a Patent owned by or licensed to Micromet that contains a claim that covers the making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing of a Licensed Product or (ii) a Patent that is included in Independent MedImmune Technology or (iii) a Patent that is included in MedImmune Process Technology or (iv) a Patent that is included in Collaboration Technology.
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Examples of Technology Patent in a sentence

OncoGenex will keep Isis informed of all Isis Product Specific Technology Patent applications and registrations to be filed by OncoGenex, and Isis shall have the right to comment on such applications within the timeframes of the patent filing process and deadlines.
BELLICUM shall, during the term of this Agreement and for so long as it shall use the Subject Technology or Patent Rights or sell Licensed Products, comply with and cause its sublicensees to comply with all laws that may control the import, export, manufacture, use, sale, marketing, distribution and other commercial exploitation of the Subject Technology, Patent Rights, Licensed Products or any other activity undertaken pursuant to this Agreement.
The Parties shall examine and discuss in good faith the consequences of any actual or threatened suit, action or proceeding alleging infringement of the Technology, Patent Rights or other intellectual property rights of a Third Party with respect to activities under this Agreement or the Collaboration Agreement.
Each Party reserves all rights in and to its Pre-Existing Technology, Patent Rights and Developments not expressly granted herein and each Party further reserves the right to use, develop, modify, and enhance such Pre-Existing Technology, Patent Rights and Developments for its own internal research and development efforts, including the development of the Magnus Analyzer.
Regulus, or its outside counsel, will provide Sanofi with an update of the filing, prosecution and maintenance status for each Joint Core Technology Patent on a periodic basis, and will provide to Sanofi copies of any papers relating to the filing, prosecution and maintenance of such Joint Core Technology Patents promptly upon their being filed or received.