Definition of Technology Development Fee

Technology Development Fee means the fee described in Section 7.1 of this Agreement.
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Examples of Technology Development Fee in a sentence

In addition, if DIRECTV elects to exercise its option for [*] of the Version [*] Software as set forth in Section 3.2 of the Fifth Amendment, the Technology Development Fee shall be increased by an additional amount of [*], payable in accordance with the milestone payments with respect thereto specified in the Version [*] Software development schedule mutually agreed to by the parties.
From time to time Market Leader may request modifications and enhancements to the Marketing Center, which shall be subject to Imprevs agreement, at which time Market Leader may incur a Technology Development Fee.
TiVo will assess the Interface Specifications and, within [*] of DIRECTV finalizing the Interface Specifications pursuant to Section 2.3(a), will provide to DIRECTV a reasonable and good faith estimate of any Development Schedule modifications or any costs incremental to the Technology Development Fee (collectively, the Incremental Interface Costs) related to compliance with such Interface Specifications.
The Technology Development Fee shall be billed per Exhibit A for all related development work (Technology Development Fee).
If Market Leader wishes to add features to the Marketing Center that require modification of the code base of the Imprev Marketing Platform Market Leader shall be billed a Technology Development Fee, per Exhibit A, for all development work required to add the feature(s).