Definition of Technicolor

Technicolor means collectively, Technicolor Home Entertainment Services, Inc., a Delaware corporation, Technicolor Videocassette of Michigan, Inc., a Delaware corporation, and Technicolor Disc Services International Limited, a company organized under the laws of England and Wales and any of their Affiliates.

Examples of Technicolor in a sentence

To the extent that Technicolor claims all or a any portion of this amount and the Buyer pays Technicolor, such paid amount shall be deducted from the next earnout payment.
Checks to Technicolor Build 50 for September, October, and December 2006 rent ($48,616.55).
The Company and the Sellers shall, and the Sellers shall exercise commercially reasonable efforts to cause the Company to, terminate upon the Closing, (i) the Existing Stockholder Rights Agreement and the Existing Stockholder Voting Agreement, and release each other from any liabilities with respect to such agreements and (ii) any existing agreements between and among Technicolor and Microsoft, on the one hand, and Time Warner, on the other hand, relating to the operations of Company.
Closing Date for the Technicolor II property is hereby extended to February 2, 2005.
The "Closings" shall occur in accordance with the following "Closing Agenda": Technicolor II ("First Closing") January 16, 2005; $250,000 of the Deposit will be applied to Purchase Price of this Property at Closing.