Definition of Technical Manufacturing Information

Technical Manufacturing Information means the manufacturing information, process and technology used by Flextronics or third parties under its control to design, develop, test or manufacture the Products including, but not limited to: (i) specifications, software, schematics, drawings, designs, Mask Works, Topography or other materials pertinent to the most current revision level of manufacturing of the Products; (ii) copies of all inspection, manufacturing, test and quality control procedures and any other work processes; (iii) jig, fixture and tooling designs; (iv) Flextronics history files; and (v) support documentation.

Examples of Technical Manufacturing Information in a sentence

Agilent agrees to maintain the confidentiality of Flextronics Technical Manufacturing Information under the terms specified in Article 20 below.
Any Technical Manufacturing Information developed by Flextronics solely for the purpose of manufacturing Agilent Products and which is unique to Agilent's Products, will be used solely for the design, development, testing and manufacturing of such Products.
The Technical Manufacturing Information is the Confidential Information of Jabil and Verigy agrees to maintain the confidentiality of Jabils Technical Manufacturing Information in accordance with Article 19 below.
Kenmec shall utilize Commercially Reasonable Efforts to ensure that Technical Manufacturing Information are completely and accurately maintained and kept up to date.
Acceptance of the Product shall occur no later than twenty (20) business days after receipt of Product and shall be based solely on whether the Product passes a mutually agreeable Acceptance Test Procedure or Inspection designed to demonstrate compliance with the Product Requirements and Technical Manufacturing Information.