Definition of Technical Acceptance Criteria

Technical Acceptance Criteria means the technical acceptance criteria to be satisfied by the Contractor for issuance of the Certificate of Technical Acceptance, as detailed in Section 4.5 of the Employer's Requirements.
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Examples of Technical Acceptance Criteria in a sentence

E-C shall cover and be responsible for all costs associated with SSATs and FSATs conducted pursuant to Sections 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3, including any additional instrumentation required to verify that the Gradual Oxidizer meets Technical Acceptance Criteria and Specifications, and costs related to the Leased KG2-3GEF pursuant to Section 5.1.
Each Party shall have (i) 30 days following delivery of the SSAT Deliverables and (ii) 30 days following delivery of the FSAT Deliverables to conduct reviews (each such 30-day period a "Review Period") to determine whether the Technical Acceptance Criteria and Specifications for the Initial System have been met.
After such FSAT, the Parties shall make a joint protocol describing details of testing and determining whether the Initial System has met Technical Acceptance Criteria set forth in Annex F and Specifications set forth in Annex B.