Definition of Tech Transfer Success

Tech Transfer Success means the transfer to Company of that of the Receptos Technology such that ***.
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Examples of Tech Transfer Success in a sentence

Company is under no obligation to conduct research, development, or commercialization activities relating to any Receptos Technology, Tech Transfer Target, or GPCR; provided that so long as the Success Milestone has not been paid, this Section 4.3 shall not relieve Company from its obligations herein to cooperate with Receptos with respect to achievement of Tech Transfer Success.
Unless earlier terminated in accordance with the provisions set forth herein this Agreement will remain in effect from the Effective Date until the earlier of (i) the three (3) year anniversary of the Effective Date (the Term) or (ii) the later of (x) achievement of Tech Transfer Success; (y) delivery of the Tech Transfer Deliverables; and (z) payment of Success Milestone.
A retrospective analysis questioning conventional wisdom's understandi 53 See David Schwartz, Long-term Tech Transfer Success Depends on Strong TTO- Researcher Relationships, TECH.