Definition of Teaming Agreements

Teaming Agreements means any written or oral agreements among any Borrower and one or more unaffiliated third parties in relation to such parties jointly pursuing business development opportunities with one or more other unaffiliated third parties in the Ordinary Course of Business, which endeavors may or may not ultimately result in the formation of joint ventures, partnerships or contractor-subcontractor arrangements.
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Examples of Teaming Agreements in a sentence

Georgia Tech restricts its acceptance of exclusive Teaming Agreements and will not accept a campus-wide exclusivity provision and limits the exclusivity provision to a single unit or Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI).
IBM does not dispute that the Teaming Agreement is binding as far as the prime bid preparation phase goes, but says that the Teaming Agreement's expressions of intent to award Trianco the subcontract after the government awarded it the prime contract are nonbinding because a price was never negotiated.
No Borrower will form a CFC and, except for Permitted Acquisitions and Permitted Teaming Agreements, no Borrower will become a partner or joint venturer with any person, or purchase or acquire all or substantially all of the assets of any Person, or any division or business line of any Person, or any Capital Stock of or ownership interest in any other Person.
Policy History Revision Date Author Description 12-31-2013 OSP Rev 1.0 2.2.3 Teaming Agreements Policy No: RESEARCH 2.2.3 Type of Policy: Administrative Effective Date: July 2013 Last Revised: July 2013 1.
Each of the Sellers (with respect to the Business) and each Transferred Company has complied in all material respects with all restrictions on bidding, contracting and competition in any Teaming Agreements to which it is a party, and any covenants respecting subcontracting in such Teaming Agreements, to the extent enforceable.