Definition of Team Enterprises Shareholders

Team Enterprises Shareholders means Melinda J. Brooke, trustee of The Melinda J. Hayes Revocable Trust U/D/T March 19, 1991; Frederic P. Jones, Jr.; Frederic P. Jones and Mary S. Jones, trustees of the Jones Family Trust; Andrew B. Jones; Thomas H. Jones, trustee of the Thomas H. Jones and Shirley C. Jones Family Trust/Survivors Trust; and Gail J. Lohmann, trustee of The 2000 Gail J. Lohmann SP Trust U/D/T September 28, 2000.
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Examples of Team Enterprises Shareholders in a sentence

Team Enterprises shall not, and the Team Enterprises Shareholders shall not permit Team Enterprises to, dissolve or otherwise terminate its corporate existence until the third anniversary of the Closing.
Parent and Purchasers acknowledge that, subject to Section 6.11, Team Enterprises may liquidate or dissolve after the Closing, thereby distributing the Team Enterprises Shares to the Team Enterprises Shareholders.