Definition of TDT License

TDT License means the license agreement between TDT and IDEA dated February 17, 2006 as amended by one agreement dated February 17, 2006 and another agreement dated July 2, 2007 (and excluding any other amendment thereof).
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Examples of TDT License in a sentence

If TDT or any of its Affiliates or sublicensees sells or markets such a "Licensed Product" that is not "Dermatological" in the Territory, IDEA shall promptly enforce the TDT License to prevent such breach by TDT (or any such Affiliate or sublicensee) upon request by ALPHARMA (including without limitation by causing TDT or the applicable Affiliate or sublicensee to cease to sell or market any "non-Dermatological" Product sold or marketed by TDT, its Affiliates or its sublicensees).
In the TDT License the definition of "Licensed Product" excludes "Products" that fail a specified "Test Method" and are therefore not "Dermatological" for the purposes of the TDT License.