Definition of TDF's Consultant's Report

TDF's Consultant's Report means a report by TDF's Consultant (i) to the effect that all of the work theretofore completed on the Project has been completed in a good and workmanlike manner, substantially in accordance with the Plans and the Construction Schedule and in compliance with the Legal Requirements, (ii) stating whether the work which is the basis of the applicable Request for Disbursement has been completed within the applicable Line Item therefor, (iii) stating that the amounts requested for Disbursement are based on the percentage of completion in accordance with the schedule of values agreed to by TDF's Consultant and the Company for the Trade Cost Items for which a Disbursement is requested and (iv) addressing such other matters reasonably requested by TDF to be addressed therein.
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Examples of TDF's Consultant's Report in a sentence

TDF shall have received the TDF's Consultant's Report (as it relates to Soft Costs) , dated the date of the requested Disbursement, together with a revised and updated Budget.