Definition of TDCC Affiliate

TDCC Affiliate means an entity (other than UCC or a UCC Affiliate) owned or controlled by TDCC, as evidenced by the direct or indirect ownership or control of one hundred percent (100%) of the voting interest thereof.

Examples of TDCC Affiliate in a sentence

Such forecasts shall start with the first year of commercial sales of the class of Products, and prior to their consideration, such forecasts and other relevant information shall have been approved by the chief executive officer of TDCC or the leader of the business unit of TDCC or a TDCC Affiliate involved.
The Warranty Period shall not commence until the completion of re-assembly of the Discovery Tools System at the site of TDCC or the TDCC Affiliate taking delivery.
The assessment of whether or not the criteria of (i)(iii) are met will be made in accordance with a financial sourcing model or process that neither favors nor disfavors an entity based on whether such entity is TDCC or a TDCC Affiliate, on the one hand, or UCC or a UCC Affiliate, on the other hand.
Should an audit pursuant to Paragraph 7 establish that UCC and UCC Affiliates suffered a loss of sales in excess of the Lost Sales Threshold then TDCC shall reimburse (or cause the applicable TDCC Affiliate to reimburse) UCC and UCC Affiliates for any additional margin that would have been earned if such Lost Sales Threshold had not been exceeded.
When services are provided by a TDCC Affiliate or an UCC Affiliate receives services under this Agreement, references to TDCC and UCC in this Agreement shall be deemed to include such Affiliate(s) as applicable.