Definition of TD Marine

TD Marine means TD Marine, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

Examples of TD Marine in a sentence

Each of the Genesis Parties has delivered to TD Marine correct and complete copies of each of the Genesis Parties' Organizational Documents, as amended to date.
There are no proposed, pending or, to TD Marine's Knowledge, threatened action (or, to TD Marine's Knowledge, basis therefor) the dissolution, liquidation, insolvency or rehabilitation of TD Marine.
At the Closing, TD Marine shall deliver to Grifco and Grifco Two, $25,500,000 asportion of the Cash Consideration.
The Investor and TD Marine shall remit such amounts directly to the Sellers' lenders (or their agents), on behalf of the Sellers,portion of such Cash Consideration equal to the amount of the outstanding Bank Loans Balance as of the Closing Date (in each case, including interest and fees, if any), and the Investor shall remit the balance of such Cash Consideration to Grifco, Shore Thing or their designees.
In addition, TD Marine agrees to acquire (or cause its designee to acquire) all rights, title and interest in and to the interest set forth in (i)-(ii) below.