Definition of TD International

TD International means Twin Disc International, S.P.R.L., a Belgian corporation and successor by merger to Twin Disc International, S.A.
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Examples of TD International in a sentence

Any payment by TD International or other circumstance that operates to toll any statute of limitations as to TD International shall operate to toll the statute of limitations as to Parent.
Additionally, Parent unconditionally and irrevocably, guarantees the payment of any and all of the Parent Guaranteed Obligations to the Lender whether or not due or payable by TD International upon the occurrence of any event set forth in the definition of "Automatic Event of Default" with respect to such Person, and unconditionally promises to pay, upon such occurrence, such indebtedness to the Lender, or order, on demand.
It is not necessary for the Lender to inquire into the capacity or powers of TD International or the officers, directors, partners or agents acting or purporting to act on its or their behalf, and any Parent Guaranteed Obligations made or created in reliance upon the professed exercise of such powers shall be guaranteed hereunder.
The obligations of Parent hereunder are independent of the obligations of TD International, any other guarantor or any other party, and a separate action or actions may be brought and prosecuted against Parent whether or not action is brought against TD International, any other guarantor or any other party and whether or not TD International, any other guarantor or any other party be joined in any such action or actions.
Prior to the transfer by Parent of any note or negotiable instrument evidencing any of the indebtedness of TD International to Parent, Parent shall mark such note or negotiable instrument with a legend that the same is subject to this subordination.