TD Bank definition

TD Bank means TD Bank, N.A.
TD Bank means The Toronto-Dominion Bank;
TD Bank means The Toronto Dominion Bank.

Examples of TD Bank in a sentence

  • This generous support and mutually beneficial long-term partnership with TD Bank moves ILA further along its mission path.

  • Approve the following bank accounts at TD Bank and the corresponding duly elected or appointed officers as signatories: Note: Approved facsimile signatures will be permitted.

  • Approve TD Bank as the Official Depository of Funds for Demand Accounts and Savings Accounts until July 1, 2018.

  • The Canadian Bankers Association and a number of Canadian banks, such as Scotiabank, BMO Bank of Montreal, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, HSBC Bank Canada, RBC Royal Bank and TD Bank Financial Group, supported a multilateral approach so that rules would be harmonized among countries.

  • For example, TD Bank Financial Group informed the Committee that its employees can contact the bank’s financial intelligence unit, and Scotiabank indicated that it has financial investigation units in each jurisdiction where it operates.

More Definitions of TD Bank

TD Bank means The Toronto-Dominion Bank, a Schedule I bank organized under the federal laws of Canada.
TD Bank means TD Bank, N.A. and its successors.
TD Bank means The Toronto-Dominion Bank or any successor.
TD Bank means The Toronto-Dominion Bank, a Canadian-chartered bank.
TD Bank means The Toronto-Dominion Bank.
TD Bank means The Toronto-Dominion Bank, and any successor to all or substantially all of TD Bank’s assets or business.
TD Bank means the national bank, a party to this Agreement, now existing as TD Bank, N.A., as well as Carolina First Bank, Mercantile Bank, and The South Financial Group, and any other banking institutions that during the Class Periods entered into a merger transaction or were otherwise acquired by TD Bank such that TD Bank has succeeded to pre- merger or pre-acquisition liabilities of such other institution by virtue of the merger or acquisition.