Definition of TD Bank

  1. TD Bank means TD Bank, N.A.
  2. TD Bank means TD Bank, N.A., a national banking association. TD Bank Debt means the indebtedness owed by Flotation Technologies to TD Bank pursuant to the TD Bank Loan Documents which (a) does not, in the aggregate principal amount, at any time exceed $2,500,000, and (b) is secured solely by the TD Bank Loan Documents. TD Bank Loan Agreement means that certain Loan Agreement dated February 13, 2009, between Flotation Technologies, as borrower, and TD Bank. TD Bank Loan Documents means (a) the TD Bank Loan Agreement, (b) the TD Bank Mortgage, and (c) all other documents and instruments executed in connection therewith. TD Bank Mortgage means that certain Mortgage and Security Agreement dated February 13, 2009, from Flotation Technologies to TD Bank, pursuant to which Flotation Technologies granted a lien on the Flotation Technologies Real Estate in favor of TD Bank to secure the repayment of the TD Bank Debt. TD Bank Negative Pledge means the prohibition on the pledge of assets by Flotation Technologies set forth in Section 23 of the TD Bank Mortgage."

Examples of TD Bank in a sentence

  1. Solely with respect to this paragraph 8, a Change of Control shall not be deemed to have occurred if the Companys outstanding Shares or substantially all of the Companys assets are purchased by TD Bank Financial Group.
  2. Competitive Group includes JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, US Bancorp, Regions Financial Corp., M&T Bank Corp., PNC, Fifth Third, Sun Trust, Comerica, KeyCorp, BB&T, Capital One, and TD Bank.
  3. Bank of America - New YorkSWIFT: BOFAUS3NAccount No: 6550-826-336Account with: TD Bank Toronto TDOMCATTTORFavor: TD Bank Toronto - Corporate Lending Account: 0360-01-2301447Ref: Borrower nameor any other accounts of the Administrative Agent as the Administrative Agent may from time to time advise the Borrowers and the Lenders in writing.

Definition of TD Bank in Credit Agreement

TD Bank means TD Bank, N.A.

Definition of TD Bank in Amendment to Credit Agreement

TD Bank means The Toronto-Dominion Bank, a Canadian chartered bank.