Definition of TCVP Task Force Agreement

TCVP Task Force Agreement means that certain Confidential Agreement for Tetrachlorvinphos Data Call-In Cost Sharing, dated as of December 7, 2001, between The Hartz Mountain Corporation and Seller.
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Examples of TCVP Task Force Agreement in a sentence

Buyer shall assume all rights and obligations of Seller under the TCVP Task Force Agreement, whenever accrued, and Seller shall pay for and perform, on behalf of Buyer, all of the obligations of the Seller that would have been due or deliverable from Seller prior to the date of Closing in accordance with the TCVP Agreement as if the same had not been assigned to Buyer hereunder.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Ordinary Course Agreements other than the TCVP Task Force Agreement shall be assumed by the Buyer to the extent and only to the extent the duties and obligations thereunder accrue on or after the date of Closing, excluding any Retained Liabilities (collectively, the "Assumed Liabilities").
Subject to Section 2.4, the Buyer shall assume the rights and obligations of the Seller under the express written terms of the TCVP Task Force Agreement and certain other agreements and customer purchase orders to which Seller is a party as described on Schedule 2.3 (the "Ordinary Course Agreements").