Definition of TCP/IP

TCP/IP means Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

Examples of TCP/IP in a sentence

Customers need to provide space and power for the CPE equipment, an attachment to the customer's internal network, and at least one computer with TCP/IP support.
Install any required network interface cards (NICs), TCP/IP protocols and Internet software suite in the Subscriber's personal computer.
Customer Premise Equipment The customer premises equipment package consists of a TCP/IP router with appropriate LAN and WAN interfaces, a CSU/DSU corresponding to the connection type, and associated cables.
This gateway shall be a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) gateway and will allow the LSP representatives to perform the pre-order functions for Resale services and UNE, as described above.
For the client to communicate with the server: Communication protocol is via TCP/IP, so the clients need to networked, 32 bit OS, PCs.