Definition of TCNB

  1. TCNB means Talbots Classics National Bank.

Examples of TCNB in a sentence

  1. Prior to the Effective Time, any provision of this Agreement may be (i) waived by the party benefited by the provision, or (ii) amended or modified at any time, by an agreement in writing between the parties hereto executed in the same manner as this Agreement, except that after the TCNB Meeting, this Agreement may not be amended if such amendment would violate the OGCL or the federal securities laws.
  2. TCNB Shareholder Adoption has the meaning set forth in Section 5.03(d).
  3. TCNB and National Bank are in compliance with all applicable laws respecting employment and employment practices, terms and conditions of employment and wages and hours.

Definition of TCNB in Credit Agreement

TCNB means Talbots Classics National Bank.