Definition of TCI Partner

TCI Partner means the TCI General Partner and its Successors or Permitted Transferees under this Agreement.

Examples of TCI Partner in a sentence

If the Adelphia General Partner elects to commence such a sale, it shall first make an offer to the TCI Partner setting forth the price and other material terms and conditions on which the TCI Partner (or its Affiliate or designee) may purchase such assets (or equity interests).
Subject to the following sentence hereof, the Partnership shall distribute a Designated System to the TCI Partner as promptly as practicable after satisfaction of any conditions contained in the binding agreement executed by the Partnership and the TCI Partner or immediately after the closing of any acquisition by the Partnership of any Acquired System.
The value of the Redemption Systems shall equal the value of such Systems determined pursuant to Section 13.2.2(c), less the Indebtedness, liabilities and obligations assumed by the TCI Partner pursuant to clauses (1) and (2) of Section 13.2(b)(i); and the portion of Applicable Percentage of the TCI Partner redeemed in exchange for the Redemption Systems shall equal (1) such value of the Redemption Systems, divided by (2) the Purchase Price set forth in Section 13.1.4(a).
If the Adelphia General Partner elects to exercise the Call, it shall send written notice thereof to the TCI Partner (the date of such notice, the "Call Notice Date").
In the event the Adelphia General Partner (or an Affiliate thereof) elects to provide equity pursuant to the preceding sentence, the TCI Partner agrees that it shall execute any necessary amendments to this Agreement to reflect the terms and conditions of such equity.