Definition of TCI Parent

TCI Parent means TCI Communications, Inc.
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Examples of TCI Parent in a sentence

The obligations of Sprint Parent and TCI Parent to engage in such negotiations under this Section 2(b)(ii) with respect to a particular market will continue for a period of 90 days following the receipt by TCI Parent of the notice referred to in the first sentence of this Section 2(b)(ii) and will terminate at the end of such 90-day period.
There will be a presumption that if TCI Parent notifies Sprint Parent that a Cable Subsidiary of TCI Parent intends to upgrade its distribution facilities in a particular market (or through some other means offer Local Telephony Services) that it intends to commence offering Local Telephony Services in such market within one year.
The term "Rate Center" means a point within a geographic area designated by agreement of TCI Parent and Sprint Parent as the Rate Center and shall be used for measuring distances to and from such geographic area.
The covenants of TCI Parent in Sections 2(b)(i) and 3, and the rights of Sprint Parent under such Sections, shall not become applicable solely as a result of the provision of such services to the Bulk Purchaser.
Without limiting any other rights and remedies under this Agreement or at law or equity for a breach of this Section or any other provision of this Agreement, the Partnership shall have the right to cause this provision to be specifically enforced and to obtain equitable relief for any breach or threatened or imminent breach hereof and TCI Parent hereby waives any defense that the Partnership has an adequate remedy at law.