Definition of TCI 2

TCI 2 means TCI 2 Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company.

Examples of TCI 2 in a sentence

The TCI 2 Merger shall have been consummated and shall be effective under the applicable laws of the State of Delaware.
Pursuant to the terms of the Plan, TCI 2 will receive no distribution on account of its limited partnership interests in TER Holdings.
Case 09-13654-JHW Doc 2373 Filed 12/05/11 Entered 12/05/11 10:17:27 Desc Main Document Page 6 of 9 Debtors: TCI 2 Holdings, LLC, et al.
By executing and delivering this Agreement, the Company (on behalf of itself and its wholly-owned subsidiary, TCI 2 Holdings, LLC), the Partnership, Trump and TCI agree to the termination of the Second Amended and Restated Exchange and Registration Rights Agreement and to the amendment and restatement thereof by this Agreement.
The Plan contemplates that the jointly-administered cases of TCI 2, TER Development and TER Management will be dismissed pursuant to section 1112(b) of the Bankruptcy Code.