Definition of TCEH Effective Date

TCEH Effective Date means, with respect to the Plan, unless otherwise agreed to by (a) the TCEH Debtors and EFH Shared Services Debtors, including the TCEH Debtors and EFH Shared Services Debtors acting at the direction of the applicable Disinterested Directors and Managers with respect to Conflict Matters, and (b) the TCEH Supporting First Lien Creditors, the first Business Day after the TCEH Confirmation Date on which: (i) no stay of the TCEH Confirmation Order is in effect; and (ii) all conditions precedent to the TCEH Effective Date specified in Article IX.C have been satisfied or waived (in accordance with Article IX.E); provided, however, that the TCEH Effective Date shall not occur prior to the EFH Effective Date without the prior written consent of the TCEH Supporting First Lien Creditors.

TCEH Effective Date means October 3, 2016.

Examples of TCEH Effective Date in a sentence

In addition, and notwithstanding the foregoing, Reorganized TCEH (or one or more of its subsidiaries) may enter into one or more tax receivable agreements or other similar arrangements after the TCEH Effective Date.
Before the TCEH Effective Date, the TCEH Debtors shall create, in consultation with the TCEH Committee, a list of Disputed Class C5 Claims that shall be Allowed Class C5 Claims as of the TCEH Effective Date.
Following the creation of such list, the TCEH Debtors shall, as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter submit, to the Bankruptcy Court an order, in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the TCEH Committee, allowing such Claims; provided, however, that entry of such order shall not in any way impede, delay, or otherwise interfere with the occurrence of the TCEH Effective Date.
With respect to Holders of Class C5 Claims that are Allowed as of the TCEH Effective Date, the amount of the Effective Date distribution will be calculated as if each Disputed Class C5 Claim were an Allowed Class C5 Claim equal to the lesser of (a) the asserted amount of such Claim and (b) the amount estimated by the Bankruptcy Court in accordance with Article VII.C of the Plan.
The Reorganized TCEH Debtors will continue to fund the Nuclear Decommissioning Obligations in the ordinary course of business after the TCEH Effective Date.