Definition of TCEH Debtors

  1. TCEH Debtors means, collectively: (a) EFCH; (b) TCEH; and (c) TCEH's directly and indirectly owned subsidiaries listed on Exhibit A to the Plan.

Examples of TCEH Debtors in a sentence

  1. Distributions under the Plan with respect to the TCEH Debtors shall be funded with, as applicable: (1) Cash on hand at the TCEH Debtors; (2) the New Reorganized TCEH Debt and/or the Cash proceeds thereof; (3) the Cash proceeds of the Spin-Off Preferred Stock Sale or any sale of stock or securities pursuant to the Taxable Separation; (4) the Reorganized TCEH Common Stock; and (5) the Spin-Off TRA Rights (if any) or Taxable Separation TRA Rights (if any).
  2. Class C9 consists of Interests in TCEH Debtors Other Than TCEH and EFCH.
  3. The TCEH Debtors will undertake the Tax-Free Spin-Off, as follows: