Definition of TCEH Assets

  1. TCEH Assets means, collectively: (a) all of TCEH's interests in its subsidiaries (excluding the stock of TCEH Finance) and (b) (i) all of the EFH Debtors' equity interests in the EFH Shared Services Debtors, EFH Properties Company, and Basic Resources, Inc. and (ii) the Acquired TCEH Assets and Assumed Liabilities identified in the Separation Agreement.

Examples of TCEH Assets in a sentence

  1. Notwithstanding the foregoing, (i) SpinCo and OpCo hereby acknowledge that, following the Merger, Merger Sub, as the surviving company in the Merger, shall be entitled and subject to all of the rights, benefits and obligations of the Company pursuant to this Agreement; and (ii) SpinCo shall have the right to delegate its right to acquire any of the TCEH Assets or assume any of the Assumed Liabilities to one or more of its Subsidiaries (including OpCo) without the prior written consent of the Company.