TBRA Grant definition

TBRA Grant means the Tax Base Revitalization Account Contamination Cleanup Grant from the Met Council, in the amount of $633,000, to be loaned to the Owner.

Examples of TBRA Grant in a sentence

The President and Executive Director52 are hereby authorized to execute, on behalf of REDA, the Agreement and53 any documents to which REDA is a party referenced in the Agreement and54 necessary to give effect to the transaction contemplated under the55 Agreement, including without limitation the loan documents in connection56 with the TBRA Grant.

To finance a portion of the Grant-Eligible Activities on the Development Property, the Authority has received the TBRA Grant from Met Council, as memorialized in the Metropolitan Livable Communities Act Grant Agreement for Grant No. SG-11665 between Met Council and the Authority, dated as of January 9, 2019 (the “TBRA Grant Agreement”).