Definition of TBI

TBI means Truitt Bros., Inc., an Oregon corporation.

Examples of TBI in a sentence

Individuals in the following Home and Community-based Waiver programs: Model Waiver I, Model Waiver II, Model Waiver III, Enhanced Community Options Waiver, Aids Community Care Alternative Program (ACCAP), Community Care Program for Elderly and Disabled (CCPED), assisted living programs, ABC Waiver for Children, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and DYFS Code 65 children.
Subject to the terms and conditions contained herein, TMW hereby assigns and delivers to TBI and its successors and assigns, all of TMWs rights, title and interest in, to and under the Existing Agreement, and TBI accepts such assignment.
Executive hereby consents to the assignment of the Existing Agreement from TMW to TBI and agrees to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of TBI and to be employed by SSU.
At the Closing, the Company and TBI, as collateral agent for each of the Purchasers (the "Collateral Agent"), shall enter into a security agreement in the form of Exhibit E annexed hereto (the "Security Agreement").
The Contractor shall provide two (2) FDA cleared the PoNSTM devices with an indication as an aid to therapy for chronic balance deficits resulting from mild to moderate TBI, and all accessories, product inserts, and supporting manuals/literature (e.g., including user, technical, and maintenance manuals), as applicable, to the COR within 10 business days of FDA clearance (QASP #9).