Definition of Tb4

Tb4 means the 43 amino acid peptide commonly referred to as Thymosin Beta 4.
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Examples of Tb4 in a sentence

With respect to all clinical trials for products containing Tb4 that are directly related to the development of Licensed Products in the Field and the Territory that have been completed prior to, or are in progress as of the date hereof, Licensor shall provide Licensee with copies of the related clinical trial reports, that Licensor has the right to disclose, promptly upon the execution hereof or upon the finalization of the report, as applicable.
It the pa;r and working conditions were below normal, there existed a need tor unioai,ation, and eventually the union came in and changed the situation.4 Tb4 claim that profit-sharing undermines the union's political strength is challenged by the tact that protit sharing thrives on mutual cooperation, and political strength achieved b.r strife and struggle will not bring about good relations between management and employees.
Tb4 is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring peptide present in virtually all human cells.
RegeneRx has identified several molecular variations of Tb4 that may affect the aging of skin, among other properties, and could be important candidates as active ingredients in pharmaceutical and consumer products.
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