Definition of TB Product

TB Product means any product that includes a GSK TB Compound or Anacor TB Development Compound, as applicable, or any base form, prodrug, ester, salt form, crystalline polymorph, hydrate or solvate thereof, whether or not as the sole active ingredient and in any dosage, form or formulation. A TB Product will be deemed a Product for all purposes under the Agreement, except for Sections 4.3.2 (License Grants Development and Commercialization), 6.4 (Commercialization Milestones) and 6.5 (Royalties).
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Examples of TB Product in a sentence

If at any such time that a Generic Product having the same or substantially the same active ingredient as a TB Product incorporating a GSK TB Compound enters the market in a given country, and such Generic Product(s) accounts for [ * ] of TB Product and Generic Product(s) in the given country in any calendar quarter, the royalty rates set forth in Sections 10(c)(i)(1), 10(c)(i)(2) or 10(c)(ii)(1), as applicable, shall be [ * ].
All Project Specifications must be in the form of the Project Specification for the TB Product that is attached to this Agreement as Exhibit 1.
The royalties due under Section 10(c)(i)(1) or (2) with respect to a TB Product shall commence upon the First Commercial Sale of such TB Product in a particular country in the Territory and will expire on a country-by-country basis upon the expiration in such country of the last to expire Valid Claim of an issued Patent Controlled by Anacor or Controlled jointly by GSK and Anacor [ * ] the GSK TB Compound included in such TB Product.