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Taxes. Taxes means any and all taxes, assessments and charges of any kind, general or special (except as set forth below), ordinary or extraordinary, levied against the Project, which Landlord shall pay or become obligated to pay in connection with the ownership, leasing, renting, management, use, occupancy, control or operation of the Project or of the personal property, fixtures, machinery, equipment, systems and apparatus used in connection therewith. Taxes shall include real estate taxes, personal property taxes, sewer rents, water rents, special or general assessments (other than special assessments made by taxing authorities for roads, sewers or similar improvements related to a business park), transit taxes, ad valorem taxes, and any tax which may in the future be levied on the rents hereunder or on the interest of Landlord under this Lease (the Rent Tax). Taxes shall also include all reasonable fees and other reasonable costs and expenses paid by Landlord in reviewing any tax and in seeking a refund or reduction of any Taxes, whether or not the Landlord is ultimately successful. Landlord agrees to use all commercially reasonable efforts to insure that Taxes do not exceed the amount per rentable square foot of comparable buildings within The Commons of Las Colinas area. If Landlord elects not to protest Taxes, Tenant may deliver written notice to Landlord requesting that Landlord protest Taxes. If Landlord fails to file such protest within thirty (30) days following Landlords receipt of Tenants notice then Tenant may, at Tenants cost, file such protest on Landlords behalf and with Landlords cooperation, but such cooperation will not obligate Landlord to incur any tax protest costs. If Tenant files such protest and Taxes are increased from that proposed prior to such protest, Tenant must promptly pay to Landlord an amount equal to the increased Taxes for the current and all future years, all as calculated in a manner reasonably acceptable to Landlord. For any year, the amount to be included in Taxes (a) from taxes or assessments payable in installments, shall be the amount of the installments (with any interest) due and payable during such year, and (b) from all other Taxes, shall at Landlords election be the amount accrued, assessed, or otherwise imposed for such year or the amount due and payable in such year. Any refund or other adjustment to any Taxes by the taxing authority, shall apply during the year in which the adjustment is made. Taxes shall exclude any net income (except Rent Tax), capital, stock, succession, transfer, franchise, gift, estate or inheritance tax, except to the extent that such tax shall be imposed in lieu of any portion of Taxes. Taxes shall also exclude any governmental or business park special assessments (such as for roads and sewers).
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Receipts from Motor-Fuel Motor-Vehicle State Highway- Federal Highway Taxes Taxes User Taxes Administration 1.
The above provisions of this Section 4.5 and the provisions of Section 4.6 do not apply to Taxes (Taxes being governed by the Tax Matters Agreement).
The above provisions of this Section 4.5 and the provisions of Section 4.6 do not apply to Taxes (Taxes and Tax matters being governed by the Tax Matters Agreement).
Pledged Taxes Taxes on the increased value of certain property in designated development districts may be pledged for the payment of costs of economic development projects within such districts and may therefore be unavailable for other municipal purposes.
Each Guarantor agrees that all payments to be made by it hereunder shall be made without setoff, counterclaim or other defense and free and clear of, and without deduction for, any taxes, levies, imposts, duties, charges, fees, deductions, withholdings or restrictions or conditions of any nature whatsoever now or hereafter imposed, levied, collected, withheld or assessed by any country or by any political subdivision or taxing authority thereof or therein, other than Excluded Taxes (Taxes).